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May 15, 2012 / 74

Something That You Might Not Have Noticed…

I saw a commercial on the TV today for McDonald’s new “Cherry Berry Chiller” – which is apparently some kind of fruity cold drink. As the ad played, I saw a number of “cool” people walking around holding a drink up to their faces, with red stuff in the straw and red stuff in the plastic see-through glass.

Person after person – all young – all focused on the “drink”.

But as person after person went by on the TV screen, it hit me that NONE of them were sucking on the straw, and the level of the stuff in the glass in NONE of the drinks appeared to be less than any of the others. ie it appeared that these people were walking around with full glasses and a straw in their faces – BUT NONE OF THEM WERE ACTUALLY DRINKING THE STUFF!!!

Yeah… I know. It was a only a commercial. But what kind of message is McDogfood sending with this one?

“You’ll look cool walking around with it, especially if you suck on the straw just enough to make the straw pink, but not so much that you have to taste it?”

“Looks cool and pink, BUT FOR GOD’S SAKE DON’T DRINK IT!!!??”

And besides – it looked like something a woman would order in a bar… Hey! Maybe if they added a little alcohol, the people in the commercials would SUCK on those straws? You could watch the liquid level go DOWN! SLUUUURRRRRPPPPP! Now THAT would say, “YUM!”


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