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May 26, 2012 / 74


We seem to be in animal acquisition mode this year. Not long ago, we acquired two bee sets of Carniolan bees. We made the hives, and then got the bees, and now have two colonies thriving. Of course, there won’t be any honey for US this year as the bees have to make enough to get through the winter first, but if they make surplus, then we may be able to put a couple more hives out next spring, and if they swarm, we could have four hives. Then wait another year, and get their numbers up to six hives and get some honey too! We made some black raspberry jam with honey last year. Yummmm! Better than jam with ordinary sugar and better for you too!!And with our own bees making the honey right in our barn lot, we KNOW it’s REAL HONEY, not that stuff that China makes and sells as if it were actually honey.  🙂

Another benefit of having your own hives is that if you have pollen allergies, it is my understanding that eating the honey made by the bees with that pollen will desensitize you to it.

And I just got the call from The Boss. She and Daughter #3 have closed a deal on getting two Jersey heifers – with one or both of them already bred. If they both are, we get two calves this fall. If only one of them is bred, we have neighbors with bulls who have not been slow about clearing fences when we have open heifers around… so we’ll get a calf that will be half Jersey, half beef breed. Good either way! Owning cows is not new for us. We used to have a 16 head cow/calf operation, so I know what I need to do… which is go out in the heat and slap up some temporary fences (using cattle panels tied to T-posts) to keep the girls out of trouble until we can improve our boundary fences.

One of the really nice aspects of this is since we live on Loess clay, the soil is in desperate need of tilth and fertilization. Being organic, we don’t use chemicals – and the cow manure (combined with the chicken manure) is JUST the thing to fix up the tilth and enrich the gardens and the fields.

So the process of building an Organic Farm is moooooving right along… ;-D



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  1. Cyndi Wiley / May 27 2012 00:02

    That’s so cool! Your grand-daughter (Veronika) LOVES cows! Especially calves! Whenever we drive down the road and she sees cows, she “moo’s” at them LOL!

  2. Michael E Picray / May 26 2012 19:06

    Forgot to tell you – the guy who sold the heifers to us told us that the girl’s names are Lavender and Willy.

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