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June 7, 2012 / 74

Chicks, Chicks, and (Maybe) MORE Chicks!

Remember the hen that disappeared? We figured she got broody and took her little egg-laying butt out into the weeds. We were partly wrong.

This morning while I was chaining the dog (because she thinks chicks are toys – edible toys), I heard this low clucking noise. Since the chickens were still locked up in the shed, I followed the sound to its source and *poof* found the hen, AND a baby chick.

When I came back later they were gone. Which fact is causing me some concern because where I found them was atop a 6′ stack of firewood in some old rye straw. (Mama had made herself a right big nest up there!). I’m not sure the chick could survive a 6′ drop.

And I’m also wondering if mama will come back to the nest as there are more eggs in it that haven’t hatched.

And the two broody (was three, now two) hens in the chicken house are sitting between 24 (counted) and 45 eggs. If even half of them hatch out, we’ll have us about 45 or 50 chickens this fall!!! That’s a lot of Col Sanders!

The Lord gives and the Humans take it and fry it up!


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