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August 20, 2012 / 74

Todd Akin has GOT to GO!!!

As a Congressman, this guy voted for:

the USA Patriot Act,


to Establish the Dept of Homeland Security,

Patriot Act Reauthorization,

Military Commissions Act, and

the Electronic Surveillance Act,

And voted AGAINST just about everything else.

He is NOT a conservative! He’s a NEO-Con, and apparently has absolutely either no understanding of what’s in the US Constitution, or doesn’t care and is willing to throw it out!!!

Now as a Candidate, he’s demonstrating that he is NOT QUALIFIED to be a US Senator. He should withdraw from the race IMMEDIATELY!!!


If Akin is the final Republican Candidate in Nov, the Libertarian (Dine) gets my vote!!!



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  1. Steve Picray / Aug 21 2012 18:24

    Were you opposed to Akin before his gaffe yesterday, or did that push you over the edge?

    So far as the “rape” quote, I think the guy at the following link sums up the crux of the issue.

    I would agree with the patriot act, DHS, etc, but if the choice were C-Mac or Akin, I’d have to go with Akin.

    And the end of your post seems to indicate there may be another “Republican” option. Is there still time for a new Republican candidate to enter the fray, under Missouri law?

    • Michael E Picray / Aug 21 2012 20:22

      I was opposed to him before the primary – and voted for Sarah Steelman, who seems to be a genuine conservative – not a Neo-Con. His foot-in-mouth attack was just more reason to reject the guy as a possible candidate.

      Akin had until 5 PM today to withdraw without going to court and involving a judge. That he didn’t illustrates that his ego and ambition are exceeded only by his stupidity. Following some online forums today, there are some out there who think that in Missouri, Akin may well get elected by people who agree with him and his views. Keep in mind that Missouri split right across the middle during the US Civil War.

      Given a choice, I think I’d have to go with McCaskill. She has done some good things while in office, even though she also voted for many of the unconstitutional things that have been done in recent years. But she seems intelligent… I could be wrong.

      From what I’ve seen online, it may be possible for the party to remove Aikin as a candidate and appoint someone else… which brings up the question of why have a primary?

      When I wrote the post, I thought there was a Libertarian Candidate – but apparently not. At this point, I’m trying to find someone who could run as a Republican Libertarian… (wink wink, nod nod.)

      • Michael E Picray / Aug 22 2012 09:46

        An update to the ongoing comedy of horrors of Mr Akin’s Candidacy – a comment I posted on a CNN article about the issue:

        Mr Akin needs a couple of corrections –

        ” Asked Wednesday by NBC whether he is “almost alone” now, Akin said, “I don’t believe that’s true.””

        (Maybe he could find support from the people at Westburo Baptist church in Kansas?)

        “The people of Missouri chose me to be their candidate.”

        (Ummm… actually no. “The people of Missouri” did NOT choose you to be their candidate. Only 36% of the REPUBLICANS who voted chose you to be their candidate. The Rest of them, 64%, voted for the other two candidates. and these were just republicans. To beat McCaskill you’re going to need Dem crossover votes. You won’t get them. and you’ll be a spur for McCaskill to apply to get out the Dem vote and maybe help Obama to carry Missouri. Dummazz. Don’t know much about how elections work, do you.)

        (Finally, there are some things that “I’m sorry” just doesn’t cover.)

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