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August 29, 2012 / 74

Is It Time for a Third Party?

As I watched the Republican “leadership” crap all over the Party Faithful* at their “convention” a thought occurred to me. The number of Democrats in the country has been pretty consistently around a third (34%**) of the people for decades. The number of Republicans has been falling. The number of “Independents” has been rising.

This is an interesting thing, if you think about it. The way I interpret these numbers is thusly:

The Democrats can only fool a limited number of people into thinking they have the right stuff to run the country. They are not growing because they have already convinced all the fools they can, so they have leveled off. To grow, the Democrats need to either find more fools, or change their ways of governing, which would probably lose them the fools they already have while they attract others, and so they’d still stay about the same – or even shrink.

The Obama election is an excellent example of the Democrats finding more fools. Pardon me for being blunt, but people who vote for a candidate about whom they know absolutely NOTHING, and who doesn’t have a track record, and who is going to great lengths to hide his/her past, are fools. Politically, there is no other world for them.

Unlike the Democrats, the Republicans have been losing their fools. (See above for the mechanics of gaining and losing fools). They now have about 34.9%,** or maybe not. The Republicans are holding a “convention” now which seems to be a gathering of the “Party Faithful”* where the Republican “leadership” sees how many of their fools they can insult bad enough to make them leave the party. The Republican “leadership” this year is doing a bang-up job of chasing fools away by cheating them of their right to vote in the party candidate selection process (and other rights and privileges).

In this exercise, we see the “leadership” working really hard at chasing people away – which I say because even if they allowed these people to vote, it wouldn’t change the end result. So by keeping them from voting the insult becomes egregious. (2: conspicuous; especially: conspicuously bad : flagrant <egregious errors>)***

Since the Independents are apparently increasing their numbers by collecting the cast-off Republicans, it is probably a mistake to classify them as fools since they are at least smart enough to see that they are being jerked around and leave.

There seem to be about 31% of the electorate who now call themselves Independents, so the numbers of adherents to the three groups is now apparently close to being equivalent.

But perhaps the numbers don’t tell the whole story. As above, the fools seem to be highly mobile – their adhesion to either of the main parties is not absolute. And the Independents are not organized at all, so they don’t have any goals or programs that they pursue, so once the main parties “secure their base” (lock down the fools they have title to) they go after the Independents who are up for grabs by both Republicans and Democrats. So whichever party can fool the most Independents into voting for them wins!

Another aspect of the current political atmosphere is the merging of values of the two main parties. Regardless of what they say to coax fools into voting for their faction once they win the offices they are after, they all do the same things. If it weren’t for the D’s and the R’s after their names, it would be well nigh impossible to tell them apart based on their votes.

So… although forming a third party would not necessarily be a fix for the current situation, it would perhaps lock down a large number of free-floating fools as “unavailable” to be poached by the Democrats and Republicans and maybe force them to actually vote the way they said they would while running for office? And it would perhaps make it harder for them to “win” an election by lying to the voters?

So… maybe since there are now three groups of voters who identify themselves as “different” from the other two groups, perhaps it’s time to do this thing. Perhaps it’s time to form a third party?

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* Party Faithful = those at the bottom of the pile – the folks who knock on doors and get phones slammed in their ears while fundraising for the Stars of the Show)




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