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October 5, 2012 / 74

“Everybody’s Talking At Me…” The Debate

Okay. I have a blog.

There was a “Presidential” debate last night.

So I suppose everyone expects me to comment on it… as if I’d watch one of those dog and pony shows.

So … well… I watched some of it and was rewarded… I was rewarded because it was almost exactly like every other “Presidential” debate I’ve seen. Yep. It was a dog and pony show. So I turned the TV off (saving energy) I went outside with a flashlight and picked apples so I could make apple butter today.

The REAL fun is the comments that are made the morning after. Here’s a sample…

Al Snore (“gore”) – the guy who brought you the elevation of Man from insignificant speck on the surface of a big world to All Powerful Destroyer of EVERYTHING show said something like… Oh. It was the altitude. Obama arrived in Denver at 3 in the afternoon and the altitude affected his performance.

Uh huh. Yeah. Right. got it. (Idiot)

Lameness!!! (Why do the Dems even let him out in public without a gag and a keeper?)

But my favorite was Tucker Carlson of the Daily Caller (on Faux news). He thought that Obummer’s performance was poor because “he’s surrounded by lickspittles” who tell him all the time how great he is and how smart he is. The inference… well maybe he actually said it but I don’t remember it being said in so many words… was that Obama thinks he’s just so SMART that he didn’t need to prepare for the event. (Another “common-tater” said it was “obvious” that Obama hadn’t prepared.)

But on with Carlson’s comments..

He also said that Valerie Jarret is right there every day telling Obama how great an orator he is and how smart he is… yep. That would make her one of the lickspittles.

Whatever you think of his politics, I think Mr Carlson pretty much nailed the Obama Administration and at the same time explained why it’s so messed up with that ONE little word… “Lickspittle.”

According to the (“FREE!!!) online dictionary

“lick·spit·tle (l k sp t l) n. A fawning underling; a toady. lickspittle [ˈlɪkˌspɪt ə l] n. a flattering or servile person.”

Yep. That about sums it up. and he’s surrounded by ’em.

So whatever you thought of the “debate”, whatever you think of what the talking heads flapping their lips are saying – you have a worthy take-away.

The word “lickspittle.”

GREAT word!!!



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  1. Harry Quinn / Oct 5 2012 08:15

    Michael “lickspittle” Picray, hahahaha-not MM you have a gift, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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