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October 15, 2012 / 74

It’s a Novella!!! “Hamster Dan”

FINALLY – Last night saw the “birth” of “Hamster Dan” on Our cute little hamster of death has finally left the nest and gone out into the big wide world. It’ s published on (for Kindle?). I’ve been working on Dan for quite a while.

Want a snippet? Okay… Here you go…

I saw Death over by the Roach Toast, watching the roaches fly through a flame. A few made it, a lot didn’t. The ones that didn’t had to drag their toasted bodies out of the fire and slink off to reconstitute for their part of the picnic later. I wandered over to say hi to the Boss.

“Hi, Boss!”

“Dan.” The flat toned single syllable echoed out of the dark hood that he always wore. His scythe leaned up against a tree stump next to the log he was sitting on.

“Nice party!” It never hurts to compliment the host of a party. That’s how you get invited to more parties.

“Thank you,” he said, with an echo from a grave and just a hint of a banshee shriek.

I stood there for a chunk of eternity, looking at him, with him looking at me, I think. At least his hood was pointed in my direction. Then, after I figured my guest-duty was done said, “Well, gonna circulate. See you around!”


I stopped. He didn’t talk directly to many people, and when he did, he didn’t usually say much.

“Don’t go too far. There will be an event that I think you might be interested in… soon.”

When he said “soon” I felt the shivers start in the middle of my back and the hair on my neck stand up. He’s got a way with one syllable words that makes you want to run and hide. It’s not that it makes me afraid or anything, but well, when he says some of those one syllable words, his voice just does something to you and you never get used to it. I shook it off and gave him a hamster smile.

“I’ll be around. Looking forward to it,” then I scooted off to hide behind the seed buckets until I got over that “soon.”

Hamster Dan is about death – and how a little hamster ends up becoming one of Death’s assistants, and some of his experiences while doing the jobs assigned to him. And it’s about how even a little guy like Dan can maybe make the world a better place by doing the right thing.

The summary text says,

Death – the end of life. Death – the ender of life. Without death arriving at the proper time, suffering would increase. Death is not about suffering; it’s about ending. But there is so much life in the world that a single entity could not possibly be everywhere at once.

Death is variously described as “a nasty business” or sometimes as “a blessing.” In either case, it is important that when it happens, it happens on time, at the “appointed” time. And for that, because there are so many creatures living and dying at the same time, Death, the ender, requires assistance so that each can die at their proper appointed time. Hamster Dan is one of Death’s assistants. It’s an important job, and Dan is a conscientious little fellow. He takes his job seriously. Dan does the best he can do. But after all – he’s only a hamster.

“Hamster Dan” – Only 99 cents on


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