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October 31, 2012 / 74

“Hurricane Sandy”? What’s the Big Deal?

Okay. Some streets in NYC were flooded. It rained a lot and some trees were blown down. A few areas lost electric power – for probably less than a week.

Big whoop.

Obama is all “We will HELP you!!!” because election day is Tuesday. But may I suggest that you take his offers of help with caution. Why?

Because the Obama administration was responsible for greater damage to the Midwest last year, and the US Government did it ON PURPOSE!!!

Yep. The US Government deliberately flooded parts of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana, destroying hundreds of square miles of  farmland, flooding homes and making thousands of people homeless for THREE MONTHS!!! And after the floods went down, much of that farmland had been made useless by being covered with millions of cubic feet of sand and trash.

And as I said – this damage was done by the US Government – on Obama’s watch – and it was done DELIBERATELY!!!

Out here in the “flyover zone” we get devastating storms and destructive weather all the time. It’s the price we are more than willing to pay for living in some of the best and most productive country in the world.

But don’t try to tell us that a few flooded subway tunnels are a disaster. If you want to put your little storm in perspective, do an internet search on “Joplin Missouri tornado.”

Hurricane Sandy? If the people in the NE US want to see sandy – they can just come out here to the Midwest. We can show them sandy. We have lots of it – courtesy of the US Government under President Barack Obama.


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