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November 30, 2012 / 74

Making a List – of Projects – and Forecasting the Weather – Old-Style

Project – an item that would be on a to do list but there’s more to it than just doing.  (ie More detail than you ever wanted to know!)

Today my projects list was combined with the to do list.

– Let chickens out of chicken shed & feed cows 1/2 bale of alfalfa for “breakfast in the garden” (so they’ll poop- in the garden), fill water tank, check chicken feed and water and fill as needed, collect early eggs.

– Take cracked corn from back seat of car and haul up to barn. (200#s)

(First get the riding lawnmower started – wouldn’t start so first charge the battery – then find a hitch pin for the little green wagon – load the corn into the wagon and go through the gate, close the gate, go the long way around the barn ’cause the lawn mower deck won’t fit through the little gate – go into barn and unstack the empty metal GI cans (keeps the mice out of the corn) – haul the corn one bag at a time into the barn – put lids on the cans and close up the barn and head back to the driveway. Must make sure to forget to close the gate so I can get worried later that the cows may have gotten out and are wandering around the county – find cows inside fence and relax, then CLOSE THE GATE!!!) Deposit eggs in house.

– Haul 3 small square 60 – 70# bales of alfalfa from the hay barn to the bigger barn.

(Go back through the gate with the lawnmower – close the gate again, open the hay barn gate and remove tarp from the hay – lift three bales of hay into the wagon, cover the hay stack and close up the hay barn again – drive the lawn mower and wagon back to the same door the corn went in and take the hay in. Close door and do an unscheduled task – hauling chicken killing stuff from the garden to the storage area in the yard going back through the gate (CLOSING it this time).

– Split and stack fire wood.

(This one is a “to do” item ’cause all I have to do is start the log splitter and tote the whole logs to it, split them, put them into the wagon, and haul them to the woodshed and stack them.) The wood I’m cutting and stacking now is the left-over pile of  logs from last year that I didn’t split then ’cause I had enough firewood and so got lazy. Two years ago we had 5 cords ready for winter and used 4. Last year we had 5 cords ready and used about 2.5. This year is looking like a 2.5 to 3 cord year, but I have LOTS of left-overs from last year. I may only have to cut down a couple of trees as there are a number of storm-felled trees lying around that need to be cut up.

(Oh… and other unscheduled items – I mowed the side yard (about a half acre) while I had the lawnmower cranked up. And while I was looking for the cows, I found a strawberry runner with root attached, so brought it in and planted it in a coffee can.)

Sun going down – stopped splitting  and stacking to lock up the chickens and c0llect the rest of the eggs, and watch Em call the cows (they have an unlisted number) and give them their cracked corn ration.

I was working on split and stack when I got a call I had to take… then the Sun went down.

– Change chain on 16″ Stihl chain saw and cut up oak tree that fell on the fence, then transport it to the to be split stack. Didn’t get to this one.

If it’s warm tomorrow, and if I can get the tractor started, I may get the log chains out and pull over an old dead tree that’s threatening the barn.

About the weather – Winter isn’t far away. Sometimes it arrives in early October. This is the last day of November and it isn’t here yet. But the Geese are finally flying South. As Death would say to Hamster Dan, “Sooooon!”

So… now it’s dinner time. I saw some grubs and worms up there in the log stacks today. You suppose if I whipped up some gravy to put on ’em they’d do?



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