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December 3, 2012 / 74

It’s the END of the WORLD! (Party) – Dec 21, 2012

Okay… In keeping with the American belief of “Any Excuse For A Party” – my wife and I have come up with our non-Christmas Party party excuse.

We’re planning an END OF THE WORLD! party. (EOW) Given that the Mayan calendar has been misinterpreted as indicating that the world will end on Dec 21, 2012, it’s the perfect excuse for a theme party. This belief has been attributed to a few different ideas – such as the one that “the world will end because the calendar ends on that day”.  We can view this as a reminder to be careful what we leave lying around unfinished to be found a thousand years later.

The kids will be home from schools and jobs so it’s a perfect time for a family party! Good thing the world isn’t supposed to end in the middle of the week! THAT would be a disaster!!! How many people would have to spend their last moments at WORK!!! So having the EOW on a Friday is perfect!

We’ve come up with a tentative menu for the Last Supper too. There will be:

  • Pandemic Punch
  • Financial Collapse Salad (no lettuce)
  • Parasite Pasta with Ebola Sauce & Massive Meteorite Meatballs
  • Bubonic Bread
  • Steamed Armageddon Asparagus (Even at the End of the World, Mom WILL serve veggies!!!)
  • Super Volcano Cake with Black Death Sauce
  • Doom and Gloom Cookies
  • and Fallout Fudge

We don’t have any menu items for solar flares/CMEs or pole shifts, though. The solar flare item would have to be something that takes about 8 minutes to make (the time it takes for light to get from the sun to the Earth) and 3 days to eat (the time it would take for the solar ejecta to reach Earth.) Any ideas would be appreciated.

The pole shift item would have to be something that we could make and store for about a million years, because that’s the fastest polar shift in the geologic record.

And as I set up to write this, I noted that my computer calendar thinks today is some kind of holiday but does not specify what the holiday is. So I searched the WEB and learned that “On this date in 1833 Alka Seltzer went on sale”.

AND so you don’t forget that Dec 21 IS a Disaster Day it’s appropriately National Flashlight Day!

Yep… fits right in with this post.



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