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February 2, 2013 / 74

We Waz ROBBED!!!

I went out to the wood shed the other day to (duh) get some firewood. Lying on the ground in front of it was an empty plastic bushel sized tub. The last time I saw it (a few days before) it was on top of another tub on top of a barrel – and both were full of black walnuts (still in their hulls).

The other tub was still full of walnuts.

My first thought was “squirrels!” So I’m looking around on the ground for hulls and shells, but I’m not seeing any walnut hulls or shells. Now a bushel of walnuts is a whole LOT of walnuts! The squirrels could have hauled them up a tree one by one… but it would have taken them quite a while – and then the dog sleeps right by the barrel. So obviously it wasn’t squirrels. Which led me to think that some person must have dumped the tub into a different container and made off with it. That’s reasonable, right?

But there were a few logical inconsistencies in that idea too. Like first – why didn’t they just take the tub? And like, why take only ONE tub when there were two?

So I’m thinking maybe someone was just having trouble feeding a family and so they needed the food, were willing to work for it (hulling and shelling walnuts is WORK!), but didn’t want to take ALL of my walnuts, or maybe they could only carry just so many of them at a time.

So… since “stuff happens” I just put the empty tub into the full tub and went about my life.

A few days later, I’m back out getting more wood. But there had been snow, and it had been blown around, and the wood stack I’d been working on had snow on it while a different stack, the next one in order of use, had no snow on it, so I started loading my little wagon from that stack.

I got down about a foot and a half and noticed this black dirt-like stuff. I kept loading the wood into my little wagon and saw more and more of the black stuff. Want to try to guess what it was? Yep. Walnut hulls. The squirrels didn’t take the walnuts back to their tree. They just grabbed one and hopped onto the wood stack and ate it there… and had a convenient hull and shell disposal slot right there (between the wood stack and the wall) … AND since they probably ate the walnuts during the snow storm… they were out of the wind and snow. Smart little buggers.

So, yeah. We waz robbed. But since the thousands of “free walnuts” on the ground in the woods are now covered with snow, I don’t really mind giving back some of what I’d gathered earlier in the year. And besides… no one can say the squirrels weren’t considerate. After all, they took only ONE of the tubs and left me the other. If you’re going to live with nature, you must be prepared to lend a hand when a fellow creature runs a bit short before payday. And a 50/50 split? That’s fair.


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  1. sarasinart / Feb 3 2013 15:26

    Very nice post! Made me smile.

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