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February 6, 2013 / 74

We Waz ROBBED (Part II)

The Scene of the Crime

The Scene of the Crime


After I figured out it was a squirrel who stole my walnuts, I put things in the shed together so that (I thought) it would be more difficult, if not impossible, for a squirrel to raid the walnut pantry again. I put the empty bushel tub upside down on top of the mostly full one, and sort of tied them together. Then I put them both on the barrel and put a couple of old rubber utility wagon tires on top of the stack.

Yesterday we received a partial delivery of some equipment for the cows, which I didn’t want to be outside in the weather. So I moved the barrel and rolled the wagon that the equipment was on into the wood shed, and covered it with a tarp.

Today I looked out the door window and saw movement in the shed. I got the binoculars out and started watching. I saw a FAT squirrel sitting on my stuff, looking at the tubs with his tail just slightly twitching, as if he was thinking. (I use the English Language convention of male gender when the gender is unknown – coulda been a girl squirrel… dunno.) Then he was walking around the barrel, then he was ON the barrel looking up at the small gap between the tubs. Then he was jumping around onto different boxes, getting a look at the whole situation from different perspectives. The more he moved around, and the more he looked at it all, the harder his tail was twitching!

Then he jumped up on TOP of the whole thing and sat on the tires, and let me tell you that tail was just SNAPPING back and forth!!!

He jumped down, he jumped up on some boxes of kindling, then he went into a couple of them. He’d disappear then his head would come up and just peek over the edge and look around, then go back down again. Each time he emerged from a box he’d jump off of it and jump somewhere else and then from the new angle just look at those tubs.

He finally appeared to decide that the walnut store was closed and he started to leave. Then he stopped and turned around and looked at the tubs and twitched his tail a few times. Then he turned around and went a hop or two and turned around again, like the tubs would say “Just fooling with you” and open up for him. But they never did. He finally gave it up and hopped on out of the shed and up the walnut tree just outside of it.

HA, Squirrel! I WIN!!! (This time.)

My wife has a favorite saying, “Life will out.” Which is another way of saying that if I leave those walnuts there long enough, the squirrel will be laughing at me!



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  1. Harry Quinn / Feb 7 2013 10:53

    And the squirrel said, “I’ll be bock”

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