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February 9, 2013 / 74

Houston, We Have A Calf!

It’s 7:15 PM, 2/9/13

Yep… about a half hour ago, what appears to be a little Jersey calf was born to Lavender. When I checked on them, Willy and Atlas (the other Jersey mom and her steer calf) were standing “guard” duty (doing their “herd” thing) with Lavender and the new calf sheltered between them and some brush and trees. The afterbirth was passed and “disposed of” by Mom, and then the new baby was being thoroughly licked by mom in order to get the circulation going good and to warm it.

Don’t know if it’s a boy or girl calf yet – probably won’t know until tomorrow.

There’s a light rain falling, and given the wind direction (from the new calf towards the forest) when I went up to check on mom, I went armed. (We now have mountain lions in the area.) But all seems quiet – even the coyotes are being quiet. I hope the calf kids all make it through the night okay.

It’s now 24:20 (12:20 AM) and the boss just came back in from checking the little GUY (Yep. It’s a boy) He was having some trouble getting up and staying up because of the slope he was on and the brush. She said he ended up head down the slope in the brush and was unable to get up, and mom couldn’t help him either. So the boss relocated his little self to a flatter area clear of brush and he seems to be doing better there.

So… it would appear that Emily has her team of oxen.

Willy (mom) & Atlas (steer calf)

Willy (mom) & Atlas (steer calf)

Lavender's New Bull Calf

Lavender’s New Bull Calf

Willy on the left, Lavender on the right

Willy on the left, Lavender on the right


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