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February 9, 2013 / 74

Saturday On tha Farm

(Written/started at 17:30 local time.)

Ahhh, yes. It’s Saturday! You know – that one day of the week when you can recreate and just kick back and have fun! Well… unless you live on a farm.

Got up today and did some paperwork. I had to send a sales tax exemption form to a company we bought some ag equipment from – had it in the envelope and ready, so I trotted out to the mail box and put the flag up so the mail carrier would know there was something for them to carry off.

Then chow time, and the boss and I spent some time going over drawings for an improvement for the cow shed, thinking it out, rejecting it and re-working the design, figuring the cost of making it (in time and money), or if it was just something that seemed like a good idea when we first thought of it. Also considered whether it would be better if we made it of one inch galvanized pipe or of wood. Then we shelved the drawings to see if passing time demanded it or if we didn’t need it at all.

We have a cow who’s about to have a calf, so I took a little walk up the hill – no calf imminent.

So I started hauling firewood from the wood shed to the house since the rack was getting low.

Then it was time for one of my FAVORITE jobs – mucking out the cow shed. Mucking consists of… well… removing the muck that the cows have graciously provided for us so that we’d have something to do. I raked it and hauled it one fork at a time (via manure fork) to the pile outside the shed. The the boss joined me and it went faster. Then we spread a fresh coating of straw and grass hay (that the cows turned up their noses at – preferring pure alfalfa) on the dirt floor (to bind future muck together so the fork would have something to get under, rather than go through), and went and checked the cow again.

She was passing mucous and had a bit of a bloody show, her tail is being held up just a bit (not flagging) and she is slow dancing from side to side on her back hoofs. Hummmm…. INteresting. I’m guessing sometime today. But like with human ladies, you don’t know for sure when they’ll go until the kid pokes his/her head out and says, “Howdy.”

She was also trying to hide from us. She started out in the middle of some cedar trees. Then she moved to the hill top. And finally she went down the lane and just a bit into the woods. So we spotted her from a distance but didn’t approach. I said to the boss (with a stage voice), “Gee. I wonder where that Lavender is?” and pretended to “look” for her. She was peeking through some weeds at us, so we just said, “Guess she’s not down here!” and turned around and walked away. I think she thinks she was well hidden and fooled us… or maybe we think we fooled her… whatever. It was funny anyway.

So… now we wait…. just like fathers and families  in maternity wards everywhere.



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