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March 8, 2013 / 74


First I need to tell you that I look absolutely NOTHING like Ben Bernanke, and I actually have good ethics and am honest.

Second I need to tell you that I don’t look anything at all like Tax Cheat Timmy Geithner either, and I do NOT cheat on my taxes!!! EVER!!!

Now – that said I can tell you, in fact I feel it is important that I tell you,


Yep. Little weed buds are poking their vicious little noses above the ground, and grass is sending up new green sprigs. The outside temp today is at 60 degrees F, it’s only 12:30, and I haven’t even started my sweet potato slips yet!!!

I gave the cows their hay, made the rounds of the water tanks and filled them, removed the tank heater from the big tank (THAT will save me a pile of money!!!) and scouted for bees at the hives.

The bees must still be sleeping… or something… I hope. Around 60 F the bees should be taking “elimination flights” – which is just what it sounds like. They leave the hive and go potty after having “held it” for a loooooong time – like for MONTHS!! (Can YOU hold it for months? Which just demonstrates how amazing some critters are! But I guess when you can’t afford to hire a cleaning lady, you do what you gotta do.)

So… my daughter the resident bee person (RBP) says that even though it’s 60 F, it is windy and the bees may feel it’s still too cold. I mean, it’s not like they have to sit on a cold piece of porcelain or anything… sheeee! (We told my daughter, the RBP, to be all she could be and she took us literally.)

So… this means that it’s almost time to be transplanting strawberries, weeding the small apple trees, preparing the grape vines for expansion, digging up the cherry pits from the compost heap to see if I can plant new cherry trees this spring, digging up the harrow from the grass where I left it a few years ago, getting the flat tires fixed on the disc and the hay wagon… and a whole lot of other things. (And I haven’t even mentioned the flowers! Well… now I have, but I didn’t before.)

On a farm, the work just sits there all winter, piling up, hiding under the snow, and waiting for those green shoots – then it SPRINGS out at you and starts screaming “HEY! GET TO WORK LAZY!!!” (I have become an expert linguist when it comes to plant talk, so yes – I know EXACTLY what my plants are saying – and I can even tell what the looks on their sneering faces means.) And I’m sure that this is where the season “Spring” got its name.

Well… gotta go poke some sweet taters into quart jars with water in ’em and put ’em in the window. Ta!


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