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March 20, 2013 / 74

Vernal Equinox – 11:02 UTC (Time Zone Zulu)

Well… it’s over. If you didn’t run out to see it, you never will. The Vernal equinox for the Northern Hemisphere for this year has come and gone. At 11:02 UTC the Sun was directly over the Earth’s equator and heading North! Ha, you people in the Southern Hemisphere! It’s OURS now and you can’t have it back for 6 months! And to you we give the dull drab “Autumnal” equinox! Hahahahaha!!!


And don’t you love the word “Vernal”? It sounds like the name of a best friend, or someone’s favorite uncle, or aunt. Like someone who’d take you to a sporting event and buy you ice cream, and who’d spoil you by letting you have a drink of whatever they were drinking.

“Vernal” sounds like the name of a person you’d probably be willing to date. You’d go out for dinner, and have brilliant sparkling conversation and as the evening progressed you’d begin to sense that there was more to this Vernal person than first met the eye. You’d perhaps fall into their eyes, and melt at the way they said your name, and later… oh yes… later… why the possibilities!!!

On the other end of the equinox name scale is “Autumnal”. How bland. It seems to foreshadow the black and white of the coming winter. Think of dating a person named “Autumnal”. Dull. Boring. Drab. Cold and distant with the Sun getting more and more distant, the air becoming colder and colder by the minute. Not me!!!

Of course the charitable would now say that it’s just a name. Would a person named Autumnal be any different if they changed their name to something else? Something more upbeat? I submit not. An Autumnal will always be an Autumnal – at least until they become a Solstice, which is just half way to being a Vernal. And then they’d still not be a Vernal.

No. I’m sorry. I’d never date an Autumnal.

And the equinoxes may bring you into contact with the word phenology! Surely such a word as you may want to get to know better!

So… all you folks out there with SAD (you know who you are), perk up! Soon you can stop buying the vitamin D! Your time of year is coming!


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