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March 29, 2013 / 74

These Are the Times That Historians Will Write About

Watching the financial/economic news…

Watching the political news…

Watching the noise:useless information ratio, and low verifiable fact levels contained in the mass media.

Seeing the waters of our lives being sucked far out to sea as the inevitable tsunami of global destruction builds.

In 50? 100? 1,000 years will the truth about these times be exposed and taught? Or will it still be covered up?

We can know the past but only some of it. We can guess the future but only “as through a glass darkly.” But we cannot see or accurately judge the present because the people who are the actors on the stage, the names that will be in the history books, are still stirring the waters, still muddying the truth. The monsters that will cause so much suffering are still hiding behind a screen of respectability, wielding their power like a blunt sword. Not cutting down the people, but bludgeoning them to death.

These are the times that future historians will write about and wonder how we could have missed reality by so much, wondered why we didn’t do something, wondered how we could have just wandered around with our noses to the ground and not have seen what was going on.

These are the times

– unless we end up living in grass thatch huts and scrambling for food. Then these will be the times not of historians, but of the legends of evil.

– and unless these are the “End Times” and humanity disappears entirely.

All civilizations come to an end. All civilizations eventually become the fodder for historians of the future to declaim on and assign papers on and shake their heads over… because what is happening to us can not happen to them. Their civilization will do better. They will not collapse because their politicians will be honest and upright and will do what’s best for the people rather than sucking ever more power from the society for their own benefit. And there will be no greedy people who take and take until everything collapses and even they end up with nothing.

Everything that is happening now has happened before. The merry-go-round of history never stops, and it never changes course.

These are the times that historians write about.


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