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August 5, 2013 / 74

The Sun’s Magnetic Field Is About to Flip!!!

Quick! Build yourself a Faraday cage and ground yourself to it with a big copper wire lest you be VAPORIZED when the newly reversed field sends gamma rays to your house – and through it!!!!

Okay…. Just kidding. Well… kidding about the effects of the solar magnetic field flipping. But it really is going to flip. It does this about every eleven (11) years as Solar Maximum passes the mid point of the solar cycle. So, according to the article, in about 3 or 4 months the polarity of the Sun will reverse. And since it happens about every 11 years, if you are older than 11 you’ve lived through such events before… and probably didn’t even notice… unless you hid in an active volcano to escape the effects of such an event. In such a case, sucks to be (have been?) you.

If NASA leaves this article at the below link, you can read about it there. If they don’t, comment and I’ll see if I can hunt it down for you… or a similar article on the same subject. And no… absolutely nothing is said about the Earth’s magnetic field reversing… that’s another story and it will probably take about a million years to see the end of that one.


Giving some thought to this piece, it occurred to me that some folks out there might not understand what the above inforrmation means to their garden and to food crops and life on Earth in general. What it means is that when the polarity of the Sun’s magnetic field reverses, that is an indication that the current solar cycle (24) is half over. And what THAT means is that for the next 5.5 years or so the Sun’s output will be DECREASING – so expect cooler temperatures and less solar radiation beaming down on your garden – ie the growth of your food plants will be slower, yields will probably be less, etc.

Just think of it as if it were a mathmatical formula where SE = solar energy and FP = food production. As SE rises (first half of the solar cycle – ie the past 5.5 years) SE rises and FP also rises since the amount of energy in is directly proportional to food (different form of energy) out (all other factors being equal).

Then in 5.5 years you can hope for the amount of Solar energy to increase again as we go into Solar Cycle 25. Warmer temps, more rain/moisture (See “water cycle” = which is also driven by the amount of heat in the atmosphere) better growing conditions and more idiots screaming about “global warming”.

Unfortunately things don’t always work out that way as the Sun has cycles on top of cycles. If the Sun is going into what is called a “Grand Minimum” then the “warmer” temps of the next few cycles could be even colder than the cooling parts of present cycles. (Some are currently postulating that we are on the cusp of a Grand Minimum cycle – such as the Dalton Minimum and the Maunder Minimum – for conditions during these minimums, look ’em up and be amazed!)

So… the past is past, and the future is uncertain. Grow what you can, strive for food independence, and even if things get tight, you’ll be better off than the people who waste fertilizer on grass and have no cows to eat it.



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