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August 9, 2014 / 74

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.

Sic transit gloria mundi. How fleeting is Earthly glory.

Have you considered your end? (No – not THAT end! The other one!) With the human population shrinking in some areas, and expanding in others, perhaps we should give some consideration to the carousel of life.

Nope. This isn’t about religion. It’s about you. It’s about the eyeballs that you are reading this with, the brain they are connected to, and the rest of the body with it’s parts and pieces as connected, or not. Have you considered what a stinky smelly mess it is?

Oh, sure. Most people bathe for various reasons. Some to reduce the overt smell of things and out of consideration for the noses of others. Some clean themselves for reasons of health – since your bodily acids and oils can be quite caustic, even to the point of eating your skin. So bathing is generally thought by most to be a good thing.

Now, presuming the existence of the soul, one day, or night, you “wake up” and nothing works anymore. In fact, whatever essense that is you is no longer contained by that lump of now very stinky flesh. And having no further use for it, you drift off to go wherever your “unearthly remains” go.

But what about the smelly mess you’ve left behind? Well… one thing is sure. You can’t clean it up! So what’s to be done with it? Generally that would be up to any you’ve left behind to determine. A wife, a son or daughter, and so on until the authorities find the person who is guilty of being your closest relative, and there they are… stuck with a decision.

Do they fry you and put your ash on a bookshelf in the basement? Take you out and dump you in the cup on the green of the 4th hole – the one you got a hole in one on (after the squirrel bumped it in)? Sneak up and sprinkle you over your ex-wife’s head? Or something ordinary.

Maybe the relative thinks that you’d probably really like an old fashioned burial. You know, the one with the hired mourners weeping and wailing and tearing their clothes as they walk and stumble in grief in front of the hearse, on the way to the cemetary? (You DID want the hired mourners, didn’t you?)

It has gotten to the point  where only the rich, or the credit worthy, can afford a funeral, so it all comes down to the “Relative” to decide what YOU would have wanted.  If they think you’d have liked a New Orleans Jazz Band to lead a procession to the gravesite followed by the traditional “Planting of the  dead”. Sure… that’d be nice… but where’s the money going to come from? (YOU didn’t have any.)

So maybe the relative decides you didn’t really want that, anyway. The relative, whether they liked you or not, now decides a nice cardboard box wrapped with chain, slid off the back end of a fishing boat would be nice. (You DID want to go deep sea fishing, didn’t you? Well that one time you said…)

And it goes on… Have you considered how much nicer it would be for whoever you leave behind if you’d just told a few relatives what you wanted before you checked out without paying the motel bill?

I know… you’re gone and no longer care what happens to what’s left of you. But a lot of people would want to do what you would have wanted if only they knew what that was. Young or old, we know not when the bell tolls for us. Take some time… think about it… and share what you’d like with those close to you. Then they can recieve solace from the fact that they “gave you what you wanted”, which makes it easier for them to let you go. Kinda like them seeing you off on an ocean cruise… for an extended vacation. Then they can go home and get on with their life.

Wouldn’t you want to leave your relatives with that little peace that they’d get? (Well… maybe not. But that’s another post for another day… maybe.)





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  1. Steve Picray / Aug 10 2014 22:01

    When I was a pastor there were people who asked me what the Bible said about cremation. I said, “Well, basically nothing.” I mean, it DOES say you shouldn’t put your children in the fire (Leviticus 18:21, 2 Kings 23:10, Jeremiah 32:35) to Molech, but that’s specifically talking about sacrificing your living children to a pagan God. As an aside, I think these verses may very well apply to the thousands of abortions performed every day, where people sacrifice their living unborn children to the false gods of Convenience, Quality of Life, and Father Was A Rapist, among others.

    But back to cremation. Isn’t it funny how “cremation” is only one letter away from “creation?” Anyway, one person asked me, “But what happens at the resurrection if your body is cremated??” I just asked them in return, “Do you think the God who created Adam from dust is somehow unable to recreate your body from dust?” My answer is yes, He is.

    And so I have told my wife that I have no problem with her doing whatever is cheapest when I die, because what happens to my body after I’m not in it is no concern of mine. I see no reason for my wife and kids to pay thousands of dollars to a funeral home and graveyard.

    At this point I’m thinking cremation, a memorial service at my church, and then dump my ashes somewhere out in the woods, preferably a place where I’ve hunted for deer, because I like the poetry of it, but that isn’t 100% necessary. And it’s all up to my wife anyway.

    Course I’m hoping the rapture happens before I die, so all this won’t matter. 🙂

    • Steve Picray / Aug 10 2014 22:03

      EDIT: My answer is yes, He is ABLE to recreate your body from dust. Sorry for the confusion.

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