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January 22, 2015 / 74

Romney, Romney, Romney – Once a moron, always a moron.

Ahhh… Mitt. You’re an idiot. Sorry to be so blunt but truth is truth.

The question about Global Warming the Dems put to the Senate was a trap – and the GOP fell in. In fact, except for one Senator the entire Senate fell in. So I guess you could say that 99% of Senatorial scientific morons agree with you… or are as dumb/stupid/uneducated as you are. When it comes to stupid, being aligned with 99% of stupid people is not a good thing.

The question as put to the Senate by Socialist Sen Bernie Sanders was a 2 parter: “… asks senators to agree or disagree that ‘climate change is real” and is “caused by human activities,’ ”

I’m not going to argue the issue here. In my mind the issue has been settled for years by the climate itself – which hasn’t seen a temperature increase for nearly 19 years (despite the BS put out by the AGW folks, and the fudged temperature reports from the NOAA and NASA people.) You can argue all you want that the un-change was or was not caused by humans. No one really cares.

Contrary to popular belief Science is not determined on the basis of a majority vote. For scientific questions, the answers are determined by UNBIASED observation and testing and examining the discernable FACTS – not by the majority opinions of non-scientific people, or by the pronouncments of people with political agenda. The truth in Science is not the result of opinion polls.

So despite the claims of the Mann-iacs and their hockey-stick attempts to lie about reality, the true majority of “climate scientists” are NOT in agreement with the statement that “Global Warming” exists (since objective data demonstrates that global warming is not happening), or that it is being caused by man (If it’s not happening, it cannot be “caused by man.”)

Over 30,000 scientists have signed a document so stating (, while considerably less than 3000 agree with the AGW claim. (I’ve seen a number as low as 300.) If you want to know how the AGW “scientists” can say that “virtually all ‘climate scientists’ agree” I can tell you how they work that. It’s really quite simple. If you don’t agree with them, they simply don’t consider you a climate scientist, no matter how many degrees you have or how long you’ve been one, and they control all the “climate” publications so you can’t get “published.” At the same time they boost their numbers by considering such people as meterologists as “climate scientists” – which they’re not.

You have unequivocally stated that you BELIEVE in man-caused climate change/global warming. “I’m one of those Republicans who thinks we are getting warmer and that we contribute to that,” he said Wednesday at an investment management conference in Utah, the Associated Press reported.” (

You’d make a lousy President. Good Presidents do not go off half-cocked, buying into every BS fairytale that comes down the pike. So Mitt? Once again I will not be voting for you, for anything. You have proven one more time that you’re an idiot.

My suggestion? Don’t run. You’ve got the people of MA fooled into thinking that you’re competent, or at least putting up with your incompetence. If that’s the best you can do, I’d suggest you stick with that.


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