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January 20, 2015 / 74

Gettin’ BUSY!!!

Why is the slowest time of the year the busiest for me? You know… Winter. When it gets all COLD and the plants and trees die-back, and the animals loaf in their dens and burrows snarfing the food they stashed away all summer, (including the dog food they stole from the dog dish) and the ground does its impression of concrete. (It’s really good at it! I was impressed! Maybe the ground should try out for a part in a movie playing concrete?)

Ordered more bees yesterday. But had to figure out how many I could afford since before I could order more, I had to figure out how much I could spend on new hives for them…) So I ordered more hives to put them in first.
Sighed HEAVILY at what the two things above will do to the old bank account. 😦

Gotta make a trip to town sometime soon to get some stuff… gotta unload the chickin feed from the car first… But today if it’s as “warm” as it’s supposed to be today, gotta start trying to clean up the garden weeds from last year (’cause I didn’t get it done last year – I was too busy cutting fire wood for the winter so I wouldn’t have to do it in the winter… which would cause me to FWEEZE my Widdle Pinkies off!) Gotta mail some stuff in a box. And of course, gotta do some dishes and feed me… but then EVERYBODY has to do that.

Last week had one day break between the 3 day Great Plains Grower’s Conference (where I made a deal to trade some seeds from a wild fruit tree for a couple of plants from a different kind of wild fruit tree.), then got a one day break and had to go to a funeral that was waaaaay out of town… so it was motel time – & pack the stuff I’d need, & make sure I didn’t leave any of it (at either end of the trip).

The funeral was good – even tho it was in the Frozen Wastelands of the North and colder than a Witch’s Twinkie (as my wife puts it)! The deceased (a retired US Navy Seabee) was accorded full military honors including the folded flag, Taps was sounded with a real bugle by a lady named Gloria from Bugles Across America (GREAT JOB BTW! – You ever try to blow a bugle in really cold weather?), the Patriot Guard Riders showed up and froze standing a flag line, there were Legion Riders there, the VFW was there to fire the requisite rifle volleys, the American Legion was there, the Masons were there, a couple of active duty USAF guys in uniform (relatives) participated… did I mention how COLD it was yet all those people showed up? I was impressed! And they really know how to give a guy a good send-off! I’m sure he’d have appreciated it. (It should also be noted that during his lifetime, he had attended many such services for other veterans.)

This is entirely off-topic, but I think y’all need to know what great kids I have. One of my daughters had a trip to Texas a few weeks ago, and while down there (I think) she bought me something. She bought me a “brain cell”… a neuron, to be specific. It’s gray and fuzzy, and kinda funny looking. She said “thought you might need this… ” or something to that effect. Smartazz. Definitely a chip off the old blockhead! I thanked her (’cause I really COULD use a few extras.) And then I told her she should have got me TWO brain cells – so that I’d have at least two of them to rub together. ;-D



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